Flower and the moon

Flower and the moon, Acrylic on wood

  © http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

This one belongs to a series of paintings that I call Flower series.
I’m feeling nostalgic about these paintings since I’m not doing this series anymore; I’m currently doing some landscapes with a more “realistic” touch. But I feel like going back to this set and rework a bit.

Will post my recent landscapes when I manage to get hold of my photographer. It is bit annoying when you have to depend on someone else to take photos of your work. Any recommendations for a good digital camera for this trype of work? I’m looking for one, then I’ll do it myself.

Flower and the moon 2, Acrylic on wood

  © http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

9 thoughts on “Flower and the moon

      1. ooooo! Thanks a lot for the complement!
        Btw, currently I’m enjoying lot of realistic work on LJ, including some of the watercolor paintings I discovered from this LJ ;-). They are are really fascinating. Seriously!!!

  1. I had to come check out your work- I love the “flower and the moon”. The colors you used are my favorite, rusty red tones. What kind of wood is this? What did you use to prime it?
    Wood- hmmmm… that would add interesting texture wouldn’t it? I will have to try that for myself.

    1. Thanks a lot :D
      Well, this is plywood. There are different types with different textures. When I do acrylic or oil paintings on plywood I just apply a thin emulsion layer; Actually I don’t do any “priming” at all when I want the raw surface untamed. For the first painting I didn’t do any priming at all and it has thick layers of paint on it, but you can still see a little patch of wood exposed below that flower. And for the second I had to do a little bit of priming with emulsion. It has many layers of paint as well. I really enjoy working on different textures. It’s a totally different experience, when compared to working on a canvas.
      Worth trying. I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing it.

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