Digitalized and iconized!!!

I get really fascinated by the accidental yet extremely creative things happen when I rework my paintings in digital medium. Sometimes I paint halfway and then start reworking it with Corel Photo Paint (Yes, I don’t use Photoshop that much). Then I stumble upon some magical effects, fall in love with the new version. Then this new digital work becomes a sketch for a new painting. Sometimes I do my sketches with Photo Paint in the first place and then get on with my “real” palette. Here are some of my digitalized work. They are mere sketches but I really love those effects. Both belong to a series of paintings called split screen. Some completed work from that series are available on my website.

And the digital version of the second drawing is now being used as a userpic by lisalemonjello (with my permission of course) with whom I signed a milion dollar contract to grant the rights to use it as an icon. And wow, it looks so beautiful as an icon too. Ok I understand, you had enough of my boasting, so I better shut up.


Acrylic on paper and reworked with Corel Photo Paint



Acrylic on paper and reworked with Corel Photo Paint


12 thoughts on “Digitalized and iconized!!!

  1. Oh yes! These are great!!! I love my icon. Can I have her in color too? Do you know how sometimes a painting captures the inner you? That’s how I feel when I look at her. I think I’ll post one of mine for you to see.

  2. I wonder what happened to the comment I made on this. I must start again!
    I was telling you how much I truly admired both of these (and in both versions) and decided to post one of my own in my journal for you — one that doesn’t meet the artistry of your own work, but still, I’ll share with you.
    Also, I wonder, might I have an icon of her in color as well? Do you know how a painting or a drawing or, sometimes, even a photograph, will move you in such a way that you are sure that it has captured the inner you — the way your soul would look, if it had its own body and face? That’s how I feel about your 2nd drawing (the one you loaned me).

  3. I’ve done faceless ones too! i think sometimes that it’s not a particular person we are paintings. their identies are not essential, it’s movement or pose or balance of colors we are looking for. something like that. did you take these with a digital camera?

    1. Thank you for commenting Chris, yes it was the colors and forms that motivated me in this. . I consider them as sketches not complete paintings. I drew it from a real picture though
      No, I don’t have a digital camera, in fact I don’t have any camera at all. I hire a photographer who works with a conventional camera. But It is annoying and frustrating when you have to rely on someone else to take pictures. You know what I mean.
      So I’m looking for a good digital camera, hopefully I’ll get one by next month.

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