Flower in the dark

Another painting from Flower Series. This one is more abstract, mystic and dark. It has extremely thick layers of paint on it, which made it rather heavy :-D . Though this is NOT one of my favorites, I’m going to share it with you.

(Detail) Flower in the Dark, Oil on Wood

© http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

Flower in the Dark, Oil on Wood

© http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

I won’t be around LJ next two days. I have to prepare for a seminar that I am supposed to be attending next weekend and there’s a cricket match that I badly want to go and watch :-) Be good and I’ll see you in two days.

10 thoughts on “Flower in the dark

    1. Hey thanks, but I couldn’t wait, just checked my e-mails and found these LJ comments, and I got tempted to come online again. There was no cricket by the way, I couldn’t make it.

  1. hello…
    hope you dont mind that i added you on my list, i was browsing through one of my communities and saw your comment. i checked out your page and i really like some of your work. especially this one. i really like the fact that you used wood. i dont think it would have been the same if you’d used canvas. amazing job. – jessica

    1. Re: hello…
      Thank you very much Jessica, and I won’t mind at all, I would love to make friends :)
      Yes I enjoy working on wood a lot, It is a diffefent feeling, and a different texture. I saw some of your work on Unfortunate Son, and I like them :-) Do you post your art on LJ as well?

      1. Re: hello…
        mmm, only sometimes.. i try to on my community artaddiction. but that’s about it. i was thinking about uploading some of the pictures i’ve taken lately though. so if you see any, you should definitely tell what you think of them.

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