Yuhooo! I won!!

I’ve been wrestling with my computer and my new digital camera, and yes; I just won! USB ports were dead or something so I was unable to transfer my images :( So I had to get a new PCI card.

I’m such a bad photographer; as some of you know I used to hire a photographer to take pics of my paintings. But now, with this new camera, I’m going to do it myself. I’m beginning to realize(and admire) the challenges of photography. Man, it is damn difficult to take good photographs! I’m beginning to grow a great deal of respect toward all the photographers in the world.(I mean toward the REAL photographers like nicolachampagne and judywatt; not dudes like me)

I managed to capture one of my currnt works

mixed media collage on canvas board : 14″x18″

This is my newly cleaned up and painted studio space. I hung some of my favorite paintings on the wall. It’s a pretty cool place. Earlier I used to work in the living room and when people visit us I had to stop working. Now I’m liberated…haa!!!

13 thoughts on “Yuhooo! I won!!

  1. my tricks:
    stand over the paintings on a stool (while they’re flat on the ground) in the sunlight. sunlight gives you the most even lighting.
    then I take the image in photoshop and use the ‘skew’ transform option to stretch it out to a perfect rectangle to then crop it.

  2. Lohan got a camera~ happy dance~ I envy you all that space! Did you make your easal? I really like it. I look forward to seeing more… :)Sketchy

    1. :D Hehe… yeah, it feels great when you have your own space to paint without getting distracted from other things.
      No it wasn’t me. Few years ago a group of art students and one of our teachers conducted a child art workshop. We hired a carpenter to make easals for the children who participated. (Cute tiny easals) In the meantime he made large easals for us too.

  3. It’s gorgeous to see where you work and all your works, complete and in progress.
    And, you’re very kind, but I don’t think I fit the definition of a REAL photographer!

    1. oh thank you Nicola, but your work always amaze me! When it comes to photography, I’m finding it really difficult on the ground. You make it so simple and striking even under the water!!!

      1. Messy thrilling brave spilling! Creative spaces are best when they’re not neat – proves that they’re just as much of a work in progress as the being created in them. :)

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