Collage 1(figure 1)

I just completed my latest collage. One of my personal favorites. Oh, it really is mixed media. It has almost everything on it. Even a string! Had lot of fun creating this. I posted a picture of this when it was in progress. Now it’s done and I’m really hungry.

Mixed media on canvas board, 2006 April-May

And I exceeded my monthly bandwidth limit on Flick while uploading this. I wanted to share more details but this is all I’m allowed to upload for this month.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Thanks for viewing.

8 thoughts on “Collage 1(figure 1)

  1. great stuff! I especially like the piece of striped cloth that seems to bridge the two parts.
    did you ever try to include photography in your mixed media work?

    1. Thank you very much Claire!
      I haven’t tried to use photography before. But I am going to attempt few photo based work in the near future. You know I’m pretty new to camera work. I’m exploring the possibilities of photography.

    1. Well, I’m going to sell it. But at the same time I’m really tempted to keep it hanging on my wall until my (December/January)show. Haven’t decided it yet.

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