15 thoughts on “Imprisoned

    1. Thank you Nicola, Wow, I’m glad to hear you liked it :)
      I kept it for almost two months without posting. I didn’t expect such a posisitive response. *happy*

    1. Thank you very much Tara!
      But I can see you are going through a very productive & creative period with paintings :)
      Btw, I want to finish some of my paintings that are half way done. But I’m addicted to these work; can’t help it.

    1. Thank you Marissa. I love creating on wood.
      Btw, I visited your printmaking Flickr group. That’s very interesting. So much of diversity and possibilities. I’m really tempted to take lessons and try it out.

  1. oh, nice. my favorite bit, i think is the part that looks a mite drippy at the top. i like the way the butterish yellow crawls over the brown. yum!

    1. Aww thanks Nicci!
      Oh about that butterish yellow, I liked it too :D I wanted it to feel exactly the way you’ve felt. Thanks for commenting. It made my day.

  2. this is wonderful!
    I have two blank canvases laying around and one I have not finished yet. I really need to find time to paint.

    1. Hey thank you very much for commenting! This is one of my personal favorites too. Today I showed this to another friend who visited my place. Good day for this piece :-)

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