14 thoughts on “Alone

    1. Thank you for asking!
      Lisa, thank you so much for asking; I’m extremely sorry for taking such a long time to reply.
      well this is a digital work so I didn’t expect to sell it this fast. But I’ll be vary glad if you are going to buy it. :D
      I have to check the printing costs. I plan to get two printed versions on two types of papers and also to complete another mixed media version. That’s all, and I’m not going to make any other copies of it. I’ll show you all of them really soon.(by this weekend) This work exists only in virtual reality at the moment.

  1. This is really beautiful! I love the really intricate lines- im interested in conrasting vast open spaces with intricate detail- so this really speaks to me! Can i enquire about the process? x

    1. Thanks a lot, this was mostly digital and I can’t remember the exact process right now. I’m making some more printed variations of this. Will post them as soon as they come out :)

    1. Thank you very much! I will have to try an etching too. Idea of an etching didn’t come to my mind until some of my LJ friends suggested it. Thanks again :)

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