16 thoughts on “It’s been a hard day

  1. I wanted to tell you I heard about the attack on the bus and am so very sorry. Wanted you to know I’m thinking about you. Also, I’m curious — I know so little about Sri Lanka. Are you either Tamil or Sinhalese? Are there other ethnic groups as well?

    1. Thank you very much Lisa, the situation is getting worse. If you are interested, check out these articles(and other links in them) about the present situation:
      I’m Sinhalese, and there are other ethnic groups too, including Muslims and Dutch Burgers etc. This war has nothing to do with ordinary Sinhalese and Tamil people, it is THE war of ruling class. Ordinary people are mere victims of it. All the parties ruled this country sice the 1948 are equally responsible for these crimes.
      I’m sorry it took such a long time to respond, I didn’t have internet access for three days and no electricity for one more day(Don’t ask, you know why) I hope they’ll fix it by tomorrow.

  2. Hmm. I really like this one! I love the corrigated cardboard, makes a really nice pattern and enjoy the colours and textures of the background.

  3. Hey Lohang!
    I love this piece. It is wonderful. So gestural and natural. I love the the minimal use of red as it gives the entire piece balance….
    Love it! I hope you have more energy today:)

  4. Ok i dont know what happened to the comment I tried to leave on this before. LOL. it seams to have vanished…
    I really like the look of the corragated cardboard, it really adds great contrast to the softened edges of the other line.s I also really like the colour pallet

    1. Thank you very much! Yes there was some strange problem with comments; they just vanished! But now all of them are back.
      Yeah, cardboard is a fantastic surface to work on. I hope to do more like this.

    1. Thanks!
      Oh Lisa! Thank you so much for not forgetting! I’m having a bit of a hard time here. Very strange two months! I wasn’t doing much work either. I even stayed out of internet and e-mails too; a total departure from real world. Now I realize it was a wrong way to deal with it.
      And I feel very bad about not responding to your request about that digital painting as well. I was totally lost. Will fix it as soon as possible.
      I’ll be back very soon.

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