Hello again!!!

Hello friends, I was away for too long, having a difficult time (It wasn’t a “break” at all!) Had to deal with many unpleasant things. However, here I am, making a comeback, probably having nothing interesting or new to post.

This is one of the oldest paintings I have at home. Probably the first painting of my Flower Series. Painted on a ceiling sheet! Those days, I was in love with this type of material (cement, tiles etc) but soon realized it will cause a pain in the neck because they are so heavy! Almost impossible to sell or move. But still I do paint on wood, which is less heavy of course.

Flower Under the Stars
Acrylic on a ceiling sheet, 2002
© http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

And, I have some recent drawings that I hope to share next time.


4 thoughts on “Hello again!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Nicola, I’ve been missing this place a lot.
      But yes, I didn’t do much work either. It was a bad patch. I’m recovering from it, I think.

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