Daily art throughout October

I’m painting, drawing and enjoying my stay at artsomofo_2006 ( artsomofo_2005 ), It’s a great community with so much of interaction. You all are invited to come and browse through daily art.

This is what I’ve done for the first three days. Scary Tales again and again! Click each image to go to it’s own artsomofo_2005 post page and see enlarged images.

October 1

October 2

October 3

12 thoughts on “Daily art throughout October

  1. You’re so orgnized through all of this! I need to get out my paints and really get going beyond the pages of my art journal. Thank you for lighting up my friends page with your work — it’s such an inspiration!

    1. :-D
      Aww! Thank you!!
      I bought few small sized canvas boards and also made some streached canvases to have a go during the month. There’s more to come. Why hesitate when you are given an opportunity to break free? All you need is to be positive.
      Organized? You should’ve seen what kind of a mess I’m in here at home :-D But in the end I just manage to make things look like I am the most organized person in the world heehee!

      1. Re: :-D
        There was a website (that carried art supplies) selling 4×4 stretched canvas and, I believe, a couple of other sizes for $1 (USD) each . . . these would be perfect for this month of art, but I can’t remember where I saw them!!!
        Yep, you’ve fooled me — would never have guessed your studio was a mess! LOL

      2. Re: :-D
        $1? That’s great! I don’t know about the site. I’ve never purchased art stuff online. I think I go to the funniest possible place to buy art supplies. It is an aquarium cum art supplier with all sorts of fish tanks everywhere. I will take a picture and post when I go there next time.

  2. I really want to see what you do with the blue one. I’ve been enjoying the artsomof experience as a whole not only for doing the work but for the feedback and community feel to it. Plus people are doing great art on it. Diana

    1. I will start painting the blue one really soon :-)
      I fully agree with you about feedback. And yes indeed they are making very good art, and taking it very serioisly. I just love the whole idea!!

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