Earthquake and a possible Tsunami

But about two hours after the quake, Indonesia’s meteorology agency said the danger of a serious tsunami had passed, and Sri Lanka and India also dropped their alerts..” more here

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Powerful Quake Hits Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A powerful earthquake hit Indonesia on Wednesday, causing buildings to sway in at least four countries, and authorities issued a tsunami warning for much of the Indian Ocean region.

The undersea quake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.9 and hit at about 6:10 p.m. (7:10 a.m. EDT), the U.S. Geological Survey said. It was centered 65 miles southwest of Bengkulu, on Sumatra island, at a depth of 9.7 miles, the USGS said.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning for wide areas of the region.

“Earthquakes of this size have the potential to generate a widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across the entire Indian Ocean Basin,” it said, warning that waves could hit Indonesia and Australia within an hour, and Sri Lanka and India within three hours.

Residents in Bengkulu — where at least one building was demolished — said the quake triggered panic and that people ran inland.

“Everyone is running out of their houses in every direction,” according to Wati Said, who spoke by cell phone standing outside her house. “We think our neighborhood is high enough. God willing, if the water comes, it will not touch us here.”

“Communication is cut, we can’t call out,” she added. “I don’t know how you contacted us. Everyone is afraid.”

The temblor could also be felt in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, 375 miles away, where office workers streamed down the stairwells of tall, swaying buildings.

Some people in high-rises in neighboring Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand also felt the quake.

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanos and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin.

In December 2004, a massive earthquake struck off Sumatra island and triggered a tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people in a dozen countries, including 160,000 people in Indonesia’s westernmost province of Aceh.

24 thoughts on “Earthquake and a possible Tsunami

    1. Oh yeah, it did sound very dangerous in the beginning. But right now the Tsunami danger is not there anymore here in this country. But the official warning is still there.

  1. It scares me each time I read about things like this. The strength people have to endure such things is beyond me! I don’t know if I’d be strong enough to get through it – ::sending prayers and well wishes::

    1. Thank you very much for all the good thoughts and wishes!! In the end it didn’t go to such dangerous extent. No big Tsunami was reported other than little 1-3m ones near Sumatra. They too are still unconfirmed. *sigh*

      1. ::hugs:: You’re welcome! This whole situation reminds me of the Christmas Tsunami – I was so enthralled by that and at the edge of my seat in worry. I hope you’re managing your stress and worry over this alright.

    1. Thank you Lisa! Good news! The official Tsunami warning was removed. Danger has passed!!!
      But still, earth quake has done some serious damages to Indonesia.

  2. It is terrifying to think that life can change so quickly. What a relief to know that you are safe and that the danger has past. I still remember the horror of the 2004 Tsunami. Be safe.

  3. Re: Singapore
    Hi, thank you for commenting.
    No there were no problems reported from Singapore. As BBC reports, earth quake was lightly felt in Singapore too. But nothing serious. Tsunami warnings werw removed from all the countries. Everything is back to normal apart from ruined Indonesian buildings I guess. Singapore is safe!

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