10 thoughts on “A possible sunrise

  1. ooo! Yummy! It *looks* like there’s a little door that opens in the center part? Hard to tell from a 2d photo. But I like the idea of it opening. Even if it doesn’t! :)

  2. This is beautiful – I love how you add interactive elements. It breaks that taboo of how the audience is never “allowed” to touch an artist’s work. Well done! ::smiles:: (I’ve done something similar with adding altered books to canvas and braille pages. I like breaking rules, too. hee hee)

    1. Thank you :-) Actually that thing is not added externally. It is mostly painted with a little little bit of collage work too. Sorry if my previous comment gave a wrong impression.
      But yes I do add things sometimes,

      (that’s a canvas frame pasted on the painting.)

      1. ::smiles:: Thank you! here it is – I don’t know why, but some of the pictures are really grainy. If they’re too hard to see, let me know and I’ll snap some fresh ones off. ::smiles::

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