Still painting

Yes, once again, a power failure. This one was almost 18 hours long. Pardon me for writing about power failures all the time. That’s almost an inseparable part of my life ;-) Sometimes I wonder that I might not be able to come to terms with it when/if they fix it for good. Long live power failures ;-)

Anyways, I couldn’t  complete the painting yet. It belongs to the same old series with faces. Smaller than the previous one. And also my color palette has gotten dull and less vibrant.

work in progress


6 thoughts on “Still painting

    1. Hi Mikell, pardon me for taking such a long time to respond. We had heavy rains and more power failures :-(
      Yeah probably you’re right. And also I was “forced” to stay home for such a long time. All these might have had an impact on the moods and colors.
      Now I’m trying to replace some colors purposefully.

    1. Re: why? because I want to…
      1) Well, I draw like this (like a kid: that’s your words), because I like it :-)
      2) No, this is not abstract
      3) No, to my best memory, I didn’t draw magnificently back in school days. I just drew things to get higher marks.
      4) sure i will try to explain it when I’m capable. For the moment, please see the previous painting
      for more about this series.
      This series will be displayed publicly in SL early next year.

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