Network; When I’m not around…

Ok, I’ve been away for too long, once again. This is indeed a bad habit. That first sentence must be so familiar to regular visitors to this journal. But when I don’t post much art online, it definitely has some negative effect on what I paint; or on my art-making process; that’s for sure. People don’t pay visits often to your house solely to check out what you have painted recently, but here, you get constant interaction…and visits. And it makes you paint more vigorously and enthusiastically…

I have some poor paintings to show you. *not feeling good about most of the stuff* :( arrrgh, but still, what to do if that’s what comes out?

Before that, these are the online dwellings I use when I’m too lazy to post journal entries : add me if you’re on any of these sites :) (join and add me : )
the awesome microblogging site, where I let out my stream of consciousness via IM and text messages :D

Friendfeed where all of my daily feeds(LJ, flickr, bookmarks, google reader,, twitter etc) are combined into one stream

when it is not down

Ok, I probably should shut up for now ;o)


2 thoughts on “Network; When I’m not around…

  1. Good to see you posting again. I find that when you’re out of the habit of working on art, it takes a while to hit your stride again. I’m in that phase right now. The last series of work concluded earlier this year and I’ve been floating around not working that much and getting rustier by the day.
    So I force myself to do SOMETHING–anything, just to keep my hand in it. Hopefully inspiration will follow some time soon.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sally. You’re absolutely right. I am definitely going through such a phase and it’s so frustrating :( Probably I wasn’t trying enough to get myself back on track. My absence here is just a reflection of the situation, I think…

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