Digitally yours

Been playing with digital images a lot. I’m doing a book cover for a friend’s book. Will post more images of the book when/if I manage to come up with something publishable; and probably when it’s the right time to publicize it. But in the meantime, I successfully procrastinate, and end up doing more and more digital sketches that are irrelevant to the book project. But I guess they got "A Possible Sunris-ish" flavor. I will be using them when I plan those compositions.


And if you wonder how on earth these photographic images provide a foundation for my abrsract compositions, have a look at this. It’s a detail of my most recent finished painting :)

A Possible Sunrise or The Seven Suns (Detail)     sketch 1

More from yesterday


12 thoughts on “Digitally yours

  1. I love looking at these. Actually I love all that you create. But I especially like the last photograph in your most recent post … there’s a subtle erotic feel about this one.
    Thank you, Lohang.

    1. Thanks! Interesting thoughts, though it wasn’t my intention to give them an erotic feel. I will try to use these, and probably some prints too, when I move on to the next stage of “A Possible Sunrise” series. Let’s see.

    1. Hey!!! No you didn’t. Not at all.
      Pardon me for taking long time to respond, I was away, having a busy week. Thanks very much for your comments :)

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