11 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Superbowl madness or sadness?

    1. Hahaha :D
      To be honest I didn’t know what Superbowl is, until I saw this writer’s block thing on LJ. Haven’t heard of this Suberbowl Sunday at all. :D I guess people know/care very little about it outside the US.

      1. i am not sure most countries care that much or know that much about each places sports really.
        this year the winners were the New Orleans Saints. in a lot of ways it’s really cool for the city after the defeat and sadness of Katrina. I see it as a good thing for them. I myself didn’t watch the game – it’s not my idea of a fun sunday but it makes a lot of people happy. so what’s the harm.
        my extended family in Illinois celebrate every year with a BBQ and games of their own.
        live and let live. it’s just a ball game – football but not european football that we call soccer.

      2. i am not sure most countries care that much or know that much about each places sports really.

        You can say that again. Well said. My sentiments exactly. Simple truth.
        Unfortunately LJ is run by a bunch of idiots who think United States of America is the center of the Universe. That’s why they post only US-related stuff in their “writer’s block” thingy. When it is politics it’s US/Obama/Bush, when it is a ball game it is Superbowl. When ever they move out of ‘me, myself and I’ stuff into “social” realm, its USA, which is very annoying. And LJ has an international userbase. I have never seen at least a single question about Russia or China or even India. Or any other country. :D I think they filter away such questions as uninteresting.
        I answered their question because they asked. The title of this post is what they gave. Not what I chose.
        I am still waiting for someone to ask a question about Chaggudu or Kabadi. Or even a cricket world cup? That doesn’t happen. I just searched their archive and tags. Not a single tag about another country. But “uselctions”, obama, george bush etc etc all sorts of US-relared stuff are there.
        This is not exclusively about LJ, but also about what we generally see in traditional Media too.
        Heheha, it’s not a big deal, yeah, I could have ignored that question. But I decided to mock it and annoy people instead.

      3. It’s one of the stupidest aspects of America (IMHO), the national obsession with football, which culminates with the stupid bowl. That said, I’m happy with the outcome this year because a team won that never had before. They were the underdog in the contest. And I’m always for the underdog. So that was something.

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