Website updates

Started updating my website. It was completely empty and had only one page for more than a year, mainly because I am very bad at maintaining hosting accounts and custom image galleries. Now the entire thing is on Smugmug. Smugmug takes care of most of the tiresome parts. Besides, these galleries look cool enough to me. Very little to worry about. All you got to do is paint, photograph and upload. :)

None of my recent paintings are there yet. Still got tons of stuff to sort and upload. Click on image to see the newest gallery.

A Possible Sunrise (July paintings17), Acrylic on paper, July 2008

A Possible Sunrise (July paintings17) by you. Acrylic on paper, July 2008

Hope you all are having a great day. Cheers!



Website Unavailable

My website will be unavailable until next weekend(15 June)

Reason : I’m moving my domain over to google apps while revamping the entire site.

Unfortunately email [ at lohangunaweera dot tk ] also might stop working during the transitional period :-( Please email me to my yahoo address instead or leave a comment here if anyone needs to contact me before everything is back to normal.