Inventing Stereotypes against Stereotypes

Well, post title title sums up my comment about this documentary. However, it is indeed a thought provoking work, worth watching. I’m more interested in how the makers of the documentary create a stereotypical European while attempting to explore “European attitudes” toward “Americans” :o)

It is FUNNY how the narrator tries to talk about “French life” “Europeans attitudes” “what Polish people think” “what ‘British people’ feel” etc just like the “Europeans” we meet in this documentary try to talk about “Americans”. Sheer generalizations. I can understand it when such terms used by the people interviewed. But, wow, why is the maker of the film so uncritical about the process of creating stereotypes? Probably he’s trying to invent a stereotypical European in order to overcome the so called Anti-Americanism. Just kidding ;-)

And I’m enjoying my “Asian” self watching this. :-\ Phew! If you have time, watch the whole thing. Here’s the full play-list: