Collage 1(figure 1)

I just completed my latest collage. One of my personal favorites. Oh, it really is mixed media. It has almost everything on it. Even a string! Had lot of fun creating this. I posted a picture of this when it was in progress. Now it’s done and I’m really hungry.

Mixed media on canvas board, 2006 April-May

And I exceeded my monthly bandwidth limit on Flick while uploading this. I wanted to share more details but this is all I’m allowed to upload for this month.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Thanks for viewing.


Altered Book : Journey to the childhood and back

I’ve been spending most of my free time on this altered book. This is some sort of a retrospective/nostalgic work. The book I used to create was “altered” many years ago by myself(when I was 2 or 3 years old.) without knowing what I was doing. I found it really fascinating to rework on those pages. My childhood drawings, scribblings, letters and all sorts of imaginary creatures are there. I gave those forms a precious place in my recreation. This is a preview created using one of flickr toys. If you have time, please click on the image to go in and browse through my pages. Thanks for looking.

Yuhooo! I won!!

I’ve been wrestling with my computer and my new digital camera, and yes; I just won! USB ports were dead or something so I was unable to transfer my images :( So I had to get a new PCI card.

I’m such a bad photographer; as some of you know I used to hire a photographer to take pics of my paintings. But now, with this new camera, I’m going to do it myself. I’m beginning to realize(and admire) the challenges of photography. Man, it is damn difficult to take good photographs! I’m beginning to grow a great deal of respect toward all the photographers in the world.(I mean toward the REAL photographers like nicolachampagne and judywatt; not dudes like me)

I managed to capture one of my currnt works

mixed media collage on canvas board : 14″x18″

This is my newly cleaned up and painted studio space. I hung some of my favorite paintings on the wall. It’s a pretty cool place. Earlier I used to work in the living room and when people visit us I had to stop working. Now I’m liberated…haa!!!