Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, August 2017.


Unidentified painted objects

I wait, giving time for paint to dry.

When I paint on canvas I happen to paint few other “improvised” works on paper and other material. Sometimes they are so spontaneous and loose. I wholeheartedly welcome all of them. Because I never throw them away, I’ve already got a huge pile of papers, and other painted stuff, not belonging to anywhere. Unnamed. Unidentified painted objects. I never try to judge them as good or bad. Sometimes they take far too longer than the “main” painting to be finished.

Some more images

Still painting

Yes, once again, a power failure. This one was almost 18 hours long. Pardon me for writing about power failures all the time. That’s almost an inseparable part of my life ;-) Sometimes I wonder that I might not be able to come to terms with it when/if they fix it for good. Long live power failures ;-)

Anyways, I couldn’t  complete the painting yet. It belongs to the same old series with faces. Smaller than the previous one. And also my color palette has gotten dull and less vibrant.

work in progress


Okey, I think I’m 100% back, with full speed internet. Previously, I couldn’t upload images. Here’s something I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. It looks almost complete apart from tiny little bits here and there. There’s nothing special about it, but I thought of sharing…


Looking at the brighter side, mixed media, October 2007

Texturizing and lovely accidents

Today I continued working on one of my almost never ending “textured” paintings ;-) Layer upon layer…acrylic, charcoal, wood, mixed media… Took some pics during the process. I really loved some of the crops. They look like some dreamy landscapes that I could never paint before. Awesome accidents! Later, I’ll try going along that line as well. Two details from the unfinished big big painting.