He was here


yesterday :)



Had a productive day in the studio, painting. And a couple of paintings are almost complete.

Work in progress

A half-finished painting (turned upside-down)

We do get heavy rains these days, with thunder and lightning. Monsoon time. Mosquitoes. Paint dries slowly. Lot of power failures and Internet downtimes. At times it’s good to stay disconnected. With little distractions, you get more work done.

It’s too dark to take good photos. Will try tomorrow morning.

And I like my floor :)




I’ve been away too long(once again!) It started because my computer monitor was “burned” in a power over-load. I got a new monitor few days ago but it doesn’t look right at the moment. The brightness and colors aren’t working right. It’s too reddish! My eyes hurt: I spent the whole day yesterday trying to figure out how to control this. Maybe there’s something wrong with this one and I need to take it back to the store. I’ll be posting again as soon as I get this thing fixed.