I’m back

Abstraction 1, photograph, today (31 May 2007)

I’m enjoying my photographic adventures these days ;-) Since I’m so new to this medium, sometimes I feel reluctant to call it art. So I have a separate flickr account and a blog for photographic work.
But this one is special. I don’t feel bad about posting it here :-) I see painterly paths in this photo; will try to explore them with paint and brushes.

Oh there’s another good news. Finally we have uninterrupted ADSL internet, which makes my online life far easier than before. And more good news: for the first time I’m able to sign in to a PayPal account from my country. Both will be really helpful when I establish my online store. Previously I didn’t even feel like trying to sell stuff online that seriously because we lacked easy payment facilities.

Most of all I’m so happy to be back & posting here: breaking by “lj block”.