Flower and I – 5

Flower and I – 5, Acrylic on Canvas

© http://www.lohangunaweera.tk

Another painting from flower series.
I’m feeling much better. I think my computer is doing ok now. That’s a big relief. It was suffering from a horrible viral infection.
I’m enjoying my LJ life. Should I get a paid account now?


5 thoughts on “Flower and I – 5

    1. Hey thanks twice! Yes there are two comments :-D
      I will consider getting a paid accout after settling my problems with my web host.

  1. Very nice.. I can almost see a yellow figure behind the flower holding it..
    Paid accounts are pretty neat, but you don’t get THAT much extra for your cash. I got a paid account mostly to support LJ..

    1. Thank you, and hmmm, that is something I need to consider. I’ll go and read the faq to see what exactly I get in addition to this…Thanks for letting me know.

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