11 thoughts on “Flower photos!

      1. In America, anthurium is a houseplant. You are so lucky to have it growing outside. I sooo love the tropics. I’ve been in the Florida Keyes in January and absolutely loved bicycling around and being warm.
        I did a lot of drawings of flowers. Later I made placemats with a Helliconia design. I think that flower is native to Hawaii. It’s related to the bird of paradise flower. I like the helliconia because it is like a bird of paradise that keeps on opening up out of itself. It’s my favorite tropical flower.

    1. Thank you very much Tara! :) I’ve seen your comment about my colour use on your website too :) I’m happy to hear someone acknowledging the prominent place I give to colours. Colours are (almost) everything ;-)
      And yes indeed, these colours are inspiring.

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