I’m back

Abstraction 1, photograph, today (31 May 2007)

I’m enjoying my photographic adventures these days ;-) Since I’m so new to this medium, sometimes I feel reluctant to call it art. So I have a separate flickr account and a blog for photographic work.
But this one is special. I don’t feel bad about posting it here :-) I see painterly paths in this photo; will try to explore them with paint and brushes.

Oh there’s another good news. Finally we have uninterrupted ADSL internet, which makes my online life far easier than before. And more good news: for the first time I’m able to sign in to a PayPal account from my country. Both will be really helpful when I establish my online store. Previously I didn’t even feel like trying to sell stuff online that seriously because we lacked easy payment facilities.

Most of all I’m so happy to be back & posting here: breaking by “lj block”.

31 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. This one is absolutely beautiful. I think you are good for photography. And photography good for you. A happy marriage we might say. But given the subtleties in your painting and expressiveness of it, it would be fun to see what you do with this. Quite frankly, having seen your other blog and watching it for the last few weeks, I wouldn’t be so modest if I were you. Your work is stunning! Good luck with everything and please don’t be so scarce anymore. You are missed here on LJ.

  2. Welcome back. What I love about this photograph is that I know the basket is on a table and the flowers are on the ground but there is the perception that the basket is turned on it’s side, facing me as it hangs against a wooden plank, and the yellow flowers seem to be falling, mid-air, towards it.

    1. Thank you very much for your observations Lisa. I too wanted to capture(if possible) those falling flowers you see :-) I tried to “frame it” like a painting.

    1. Thank you syllepsis :-) I tend to “paint” with camera. I know I’m a very bad photographer, but when I think of getting a painting out of the photo, it works :-D

  3. Finally, finally, so glad to see u again) I also love to make photos, seems, sometimes, that it’s an art. Hope in your hands it’ll become real art, good luck!))

    1. Thank you! But it’s not karapincha. It’s coconut. It’s part of the process of extracting coconut oil. But here, I’m interested in these abstract forms.

      1. Scratching head. The green leaves aren’t karapincha? Hmmm…
        Anyway it’s always fun to learn about your culture through your art.
        How you have placed the abstract forms and used texture is very pleasing to the eye.

    1. Thank you very much! I just added your marstokyo journal. I didn’t know you had this journal :-)
      Always loved what you post on teeny theaters. Cheers!

      1. Thank you. I’ll add you back for sure. Hey don’t be shy :-) Feel absolutely free to im me!
        I received your messages, but I’m unable to send texts via AIM because it says “Unable to send message: Not logged in” I’m trying to get this fixed. I just signed in to an AIM account. Maybe my e-mail needs to be verified.

    1. Я рад, что вы посетили мой lj. Ваш английский гораздо лучше, чем мой русский. Не бойтесь использовать русский язык. Я могу пользоваться услугами переводчика.

      1. Мило.)думаю следует понакомиться.я Катя)учусь на фотографике в академии искусств.Проживаю в Минске?знаешь где это?)Это Беларусь.Большая противоположенность Шри-Ланка)за окном дождь,и совсем неуютно. Хотелось бы пообщаться и побольше узнать о вашей жизни. на всякий случай мой номер Icq 332240077.Если есть желание узнать побольше обо мне или о моей стране то пиши Shumak@inbox.ru

  4. that is a gorgeous photograph. and congratulations on the dsl news. my significant other writes about broadband issues, so i understand how big a deal this must be for you.

    1. Thank you :-) Well yes, dsl issue was the main reason for not posting here regularly. Dial-up connection was outrageously expensive and useless.
      By the way, good to see you here today. I was thinking of you because it’s almost June 8 :-) Cheers and happy birthday!

      1. thank you lohang so much for the birthday wishes. it is kind of you to remember.
        i’ve been in and out of town for a few weeks and am looking forward to catching up on what you’ve posted.

  5. Singapore
    really horribly… Glad to see that you are ok!!! I’m sure, everything will be ok)
    Did you hear something about Singapore? My friend was planning to go there on the 20th of September for diving as usually… Do you think there is a warning of serious tsunami there? We don’t know what to do…

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