Texturizing and lovely accidents

Today I continued working on one of my almost never ending “textured” paintings ;-) Layer upon layer…acrylic, charcoal, wood, mixed media… Took some pics during the process. I really loved some of the crops. They look like some dreamy landscapes that I could never paint before. Awesome accidents! Later, I’ll try going along that line as well. Two details from the unfinished big big painting.

10 thoughts on “Texturizing and lovely accidents

    1. Thanks very much :-) Now I’m over concerned with these accidents and considering cropping the painting down to these details :-D We’ll see…

  1. I have happy accidents all the time
    and kick and holler six months later when I try to replicate them
    keep a detailed art journal, try to remember in detail exactly the sequence of events, you’ll be glad you did

    1. “keep a detailed art journal, try to remember in detail exactly the sequence of events”
      Thanks! and THAT is something I MUST start doing. I do keep a journal but it doesn’t get that serious and detailed.

    1. Hi Maralena, Thanks very much for your nice comments :-) Sure, I won’t mind at all > thank you for adding!!! And I really enjoyed my first visit to your blogs. Nice work. Specially those sweet oranges! I’ll be visiting again. Cheers!

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