Website Unavailable

My website will be unavailable until next weekend(15 June)

Reason : I’m moving my domain over to google apps while revamping the entire site.

Unfortunately email [ at lohangunaweera dot tk ] also might stop working during the transitional period :-( Please email me to my yahoo address instead or leave a comment here if anyone needs to contact me before everything is back to normal.

2 thoughts on “Website Unavailable

  1. trying to add you to my blogroll
    Hi Lohan,
    trying to get back in touch after my cyber catastrophy! had to give up my old blog and all. so trying to link your sites to my new blog…is your site working now…i’ve added it but hope it’ll come up soon. hasini

    1. Re: trying to add you to my blogroll
      Hi Hasini!
      So good to see you back online.
      Thank you very much for adding my site. Yes website is working. Still updating my pages though…

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