Had a productive day in the studio, painting. And a couple of paintings are almost complete.

Work in progress

A half-finished painting (turned upside-down)

We do get heavy rains these days, with thunder and lightning. Monsoon time. Mosquitoes. Paint dries slowly. Lot of power failures and Internet downtimes. At times it’s good to stay disconnected. With little distractions, you get more work done.

It’s too dark to take good photos. Will try tomorrow morning.

And I like my floor :)



13 thoughts on “Work

  1. What an oasis of vibrant color and light – who would think that you are in the midst of power failures, monsoons, and mosquitoes! Both photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks a lot Mikell :)
      Rain has stopped suddenly and everything looks so bright and colorful right now :) I guess I should take these paintings outside and capture them in sunlight.

  2. wow! i haven’t visited LJ in a while – i hope all is going good for you :)
    your work has a lot of depth. i also like all of the photos you’re taking :)
    congratulations on your solo show!

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