22 thoughts on “A painting : A possible sunrise

  1. this is absolutely gorgeous. i love the color, layering and the composition. it’s not often i like abstract paintings, but i often find myself responding to yours.

    1. Ah it took many months because I wasn’t so sure about continuing and ending it :D Just got nervous because it became so fragile and a slight mistake could ruin the entire thing. I was worried about making a mess, and got stuck. I wasn’t working on it all the time. I was just worried. I kept waiting.
      The title. Well it’s a long story and I should edit and post my so called artist’s statement before this series is exhibitted in public. But in short : This is autobiographical. A series of paintings. This series started marking the end of my previous series “Scary Tales” which was mainly about dark, nightly stuff, violence, political killings and abductions etc that happened here in my country. Both political and personal lives were really effed up and this is my intervention; this is my reaction. My reaction is two sided : Scary Tales and A Possible Sunrise. I am expecting a possible sunrise. Instead of killing myself, I am creating this series. Yes, it is that bad.
      In the process I give every positive, every colorful, every musical bit I could produce. I do not surrender. Therefore, it is called A Possible Sunrise. I am optimistic that an end to this infinite darkness is possible. A sunrise is possible, personally and politically. But still, a sunrise could produce a black hole. Or even a sapta suryodaya (a catastrophic rise of seven suns) isn’t impossible. That will be the end of everything. End of the world. Therefore, I am not entirely thrilled or anything about this feeling. I am just giving a form to this hope. It is A Possible Sunrise. It has light, music, colours of music and feelings that I wanted to convey.
      uhmm and on the other hand this is about recovering from flu, and watching an opera blah blah blah I should not talk about such details because that is not necessary when coming to terms with the paintings, as a viewer, I guess. Those are *personal starting points* of a painter :)
      These details are less important. I named it so : A Possible Sunrise. But all I want you to look at is, not those details or concepts, not what went behind the doors, but what is visible right now. The forms, colors, interaction between colors, the “sound of colors” textures and the mood of the painting. I urge you to establish a “direct connection” with the painting right now.
      Will write about it in detail, in a less confusing way, sometime soon :) Thanks a lot for asking. Your question reminded me that I should put certain things into words.

    2. Oooh I forgot the add that the actual sunrise and morning experience I enjoy from the window of my room played a role too :=)
      It’s a very picturesque sight. Some of the early paintings of the series are directly influenced from the yellow flowers and other inspiring stuff I see from here. Specially this http://www.lohangunaweera.tk/gallery/8435666_QnfJh/1/554344388_BF2DW/Medium
      and this http://www.lohangunaweera.tk/gallery/8435666_QnfJh/1/554343748_XthPq/Medium
      They took off from the flower photos and compositions I made with them. I can not point out the exact connection, though. And here are some of the pics I took. http://lohang.livejournal.com/tag/yellow
      So again, that too is A Possible Sunrise. :=)

  2. Do I have any more expletives for your work – because I need a new one! How did you get all those textures? Is it collage? What a glorious palette!

    1. Thank you very much Mikell :) You’re too kind!
      Hmm, the textures… This is all acrylic paint. I painted multiple layers and I guess that’s what made it possible. I want the layers of colors hit against each other and to make something “musical” out of it :)

  3. Yes
    This is like a distilled Bonnard. It emits light….and I cannot believe how much those black spots do. Very exciting to see this. Thank you.
    Nomi Lubin

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