16 thoughts on “Rex (1996-2010)

    1. Thanks very much Sally.
      Yesterday he was doing fine, and suddenly he fell ill, became paralyzed and passed away in less then 12 hours. So sad. Impermanence.

  1. So sorry to read this. At least he didn’t suffer with a long illness, but I’m sure it was a shock to have him leave your life so suddenly. xox

  2. oh how sad lohang. i’m so so so so sooooooooooo sorry. my thoughts are with you and wishing your puppy rex a smooth journey into his next life.
    i hope he visits you in dreams
    i have found a lot of comfort in dreams when my beloved honeybear comes to see me there.
    much love

  3. Sending hugs and prayers. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. When my Rippy (Euripedes) died I thought my heart would break. Wishing you peace in knowing that he had a wonderful, long life and that he went without long suffering.
    I’ve been dreadful about posting – I came on line to wish you a Happy Birthday, though it will be bittersweet.

  4. So sorry about your lost. That is heart breaking, especially after 15 years. I am sure his spirit will be with you and your family all the time. Take care please~

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